Corporate Internet Services

Nextgen Group’s ‘Corporate Internet’ is a high quality Internet service for Australian corporations that run their own mail and security services.


With Nextgen’s Corporate Internet Services you can expect:

  • Unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee
  • A wide range of service rates from 1 megabytes to 1 gigabyte
  • Premium performance availability, loss and upstream protection
  • Access by fibre, SHDSL or microwave to site
  • 24×7 customer help desk
  • Option of Shadow service for a cost effective redundancy

Coverage and last mile access technologies

Service can be delivered to virtually any location in Australia, with last mile connection via fibre, DSL or microwave.

Optional service features

Secondary DNS is offered for redundancy in case the
primary DNS becomes unavailable

Shadow service provides a backup connection for service
continuity in the event of failure or interruption in the
primary link

Static or BGP routing according to your networking

Asymmetric service with higher Upload than Download
speeds is available for content providers

24×7 Technical Help Desk

Nextgen Group’s 24×7 Service Management Centre is promptly answered by a qualified member of the technical support team.

IP addressing options

Nextgen Group accommodates a range of corporate IP addressing requirements with options that include:

• IPv4 and IPv6 addressing

• Customer owned IP addressing

• Additional IP addressing provided according to your requirements

Engineered for reliability

Nextgen Group’s ‘Corporate Internet’ service is engineered on a high-availability MPLS core with multiple interconnections to global and local carriers and peering exchanges. Services can be delivered to single or multiple corporate sites.

Unlimited usage

Nextgen Group’s fixed monthly service fee includes unlimited usage, regardless of direction or time of day for the selected link speed.

Speed range

A wide range of service rates is available from 1Mb/s to 1Gb/s, delivered on a Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet port, as appropriate.

Premium performance

Nextgen Group’s Corporate Internet service is managed to a premium class of service and designed to deliver performance characteristics that include:

• Target packet loss of less than 0.3%

• Service availability guarantees with rebates

• Fully protected for both domestic and international traffic

• Latency minimised by our use of multiple international and local upstream provider links