Cloud Firewall and Security Services

Nextgen Group Cloud Managed Firewall and Security Services secures your complete cloud environment.


The Nextgen Group Cloud Managed Firewall and Security Services secures your complete cloud environment. Nextgen Cloud Firewall and Security Services (FSS) offer security-centric solutions that operate on a data centre grade platform to enable advanced redundancy, scalability and modularity.

The service provides industry certified stateful inspection, highly available, managed, industry leading perimeter firewall solutions with high throughput and virtual private network (VPN) connectivity.


Solutions tailored to you

Customisable policies and rule sets filter traffic based on your specifications and zone definitions. Additional levels of virtual data centre firewalls combined with our security operations and event management capability ensures a high level of operation and security. It offers perimeter protection at the network edge as well as teh virtual data centre edge, port-level firewalling, network address translation and DHCP services. Virtualization-aware security simplifies application deployment and enforces boundaries required by compliance standards.

Security certifications include ICSA Labs Certified Firewall and IPSec enhanced certification statues, NSS Labss Recommended Firewall and Common Criteria EAL4 evaluation statues. Nextgen Cloud Services oeprate in accordance with industry best pracitces and international standards and currently hold ISO/IEC 27001:2006 certification for its information security and management system for both internal and customer IT environments.

Adaptive & comprehensive inspection technologies Certified and proven security on a hardened, purpose-built dedicated operating system

Perimeter Protection Protection of your complete network environment, not just the virtualised server environment

Logical and Physical Isolation Increased network protection through multiple fundamental layers of hardware segregation and logical isolation

Customisable Security Policies Fit for purpose protection through tailored policies and rule sets

IPSec or Private Network connectivity Connect your business partners, offices and remote users securely to the Nextgen Cloud with Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) site-to-site and client-to-site VPN or through Layer 2/3 private network connectivity

Data centre grade virtualised architecture Achieve high throughput with elastic scale up/down capabilities

High Availability Maximum uptime and performance through n+1 distributed redundant firewall clusters in the Nextgen Cloud.

Fully Managed 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting and current threat protection with updates and upgrades of the platform for effective protection against new vulnerabilities

Reporting Complete visibility with graphical, easy to understand monthly reports