A unique arrangement to share optical fibre assets between Nextgen Group and the Victorian Government will improve economic development in Victoria’s south west corridor, delivering the benefits of a more affordable and reliable voice and data coverage as well as greater network resilience.

The project involves an innovative commercial arrangement between the State Government and Nextgen Group that will boost regional high-capacity data networking between Warrnambool and Geelong by connecting customers in the region to Nextgen Group’s nationwide high-speed optical fibre network.

The project will benefit multiple stakeholders – including the Victorian Government, Nextgen Group and ultimately Victorian consumers by opening up telecommunications competition to the region for the first time.

Victorian Premier, Dennis Napthine, said the project reinforced the Government’s ongoing commitment to support economic development in regional Victoria, by improving mobile competition and broadband speeds for businesses, residential users and Government. Nextgen Group Director Government Practice, Charlie Sutherland, said the project would make a meaningful contribution to a state-wide, high capacity backbone network by providing a core service delivery platform for the Victorian Government.

“This unique commercial arrangement with the Victorian Government will drive longer term benefits for the optical cable network, including the possibility of extending the existing infrastructure in Warrnambool through to other parts of regional Australia which would add further diversity and resilience to South West Victoria via Nextgen’s networks,” Mr Sutherland said.

“As a Victorian-based specialist supplier of wholesale, open-access data networks and mission-critical fibre infrastructure, we very proud to see our networks and expertise making a positive contribution to Victoria’s economic development,” he said.

“Placing reliance on a single carrier can have significant impacts as seen in the Warrnambool community when a fire in a local exchange in 2012 caused significant disruption and economic impacts estimated to cost the community almost $17 million.”

“This new arrangement will give Victoria’s south west a much more diverse network asset to help keep local communities connected at all times.”

Nextgen group has a proud track record of delivering mission critical infrastructure to enable open competition and support community development, including delivering the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Backbone Blackspots Program.

The Nextgen Group has 3,300km of high capacity fibre network in the State of Victoria and is currently undergoing an upgrade to 100 Gb on key routes. This project will add an extra 320kms of fibre to Nextgen’s national network.

Additionally the project will link to two leading Nextgen Group data centres (through subsidiary Metronode) including a state-of-the-art high density facility at Derrimut.

Additionally, in October, 2013, Nextgen Group demonstrated the fastest data transmission on a live network ever delivered in Australia, with a successful point-to-point 400Gbps trial running between its primary nodes in Sydney and Canberra.

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