Nextgen Group was a proud recipient of the prestigious “Information Security Project of the year” at the
annual ‘Australian Information Security Association’ (AISA) Awards, held recently in Sydney.

In an Australian first, Nextgen Group designed and implemented a fully integrated and certified secure,
high-performance network solution for an Australian Federal Government agency. The solution provided
significant customer benefits including substantial cost savings in security architecture design and critical
data security benefits.

Dean Tognella, General Manager Enterprise and Government Solutions of Nextgen Group said of the award
“We are very honoured to receive this acknowledgment from the market. Thanks to our innovation, for the
first time any organisation with high-performance network requirements will be able to assure itself of a
defence-grade protected data network product from a menu.”

“We recognised the need for action to address risks to information-rich data being transmitted throughout
networks. Working with the federal government sector, we have a deep understanding of government data
network security requirements and developed a seamless, certified secure, high performance network
product – including certified, defence-grade data encryption.”

“The encryption security is based on Senetas’s internationally multi-certified, defence-grade encryptor which along
with Nextgen Group’s layer-2 virtual private network product provides a cost effective, robust and secure data
communications solution. It not only provides the flexibility of a Programmable Gate Array technology
platform necessary to ensure ease of tailoring to customers’ specific requirements but encryptor
interoperability, multiple network protocol compatibility and reliable 99.999% uptime.

“The rapid growth of private and public cloud computing has increased the risks and exposure to data
security issues. In response, the Nextgen Group has developed a solution that offers a defence-grade
secure high-performance network solution for our customers,’ said Mr Tognella.


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Louisa Graham
Manager, Corporate Communications
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