Nextgen Group has announced the successful deployment of the first phase of a network upgrade to support 100Gbps wavelength services. This phase alone covers more than 12,300km of its national long haul optic fibre network.

The deployment continues Nextgen Group’s commitment to delivering world-class backbone transmission services and links Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne with diversity offering nearly 18Tb/s of new capacity.

Peter McGrath, Nextgen Group CEO, said “We constantly strive to keep our network infrastructure at the forefront of capability, ensuring that we meet growing customer demand for next-generation IP and optical services that underpin the significant growth in bandwidth across the marketplace.”

“We successfully demonstrated 100Gbps two years ago. Today we are announcing completion of the first phase of the 100Gbps upgrade across the full extent of our intercapital network.”

Mr McGrath said that the network upgrades reflected the ever-increasing need for lower latency, improved security and the growing demand for capacity between datacentres.

Nextgen Group’s latest network enhancements have been delivered by its vendor partner, Alcatel-Lucent.  The deployment harnesses Alcatel-Lucent’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch to deliver single-carrier coherent 100Gb/s services. It is the first deployment of Alcatel-Lucent’s SD-FEC technology paired with Flexigrid Wavelength Selector Switch based ROADMs in the Asia Pacific region, enabling Nextgen Group to upgrade to 400Gbps wavelength services on demand.

Sean O’Halloran, Alcatel-Lucent Australia President and Managing Director, said, “Significant increasing demand for high-bandwidth services means operators need to make smart decisions to cost-effectively manage their networks. We’re extremely proud of our long-standing relationship, keeping Nextgen Group ahead of customer growth demands.”



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