Enterprise and Corporate Solutions

Nextgen delivers solutions across industries helping organisations overcome key challenges

In today’s disruptive environments, an innovative approach to new ICT solutions can create competitive advantage and differentiate your organisation.

Whether you are involved in discovering new sites in mining and resource industries, building a more powerful online experience for your customers or seeking to grow new or existing markets, the latest ICT solutions from Nextgen Group can help you address your key business challenges, bring unique value for new customers and importantly grow your business.

We have market leading solutions which have supported our customers in driving strategic business success. Some of our recognised projects for enterprise and corporate customers include:


North West Cable System (NWCS)

The North West Cable System (NWCS) is Australia’s first purpose built subsea fibre optic network for the oil and gas industry.

The cable system seamlessly connects offshore O&G facilities in the Browse, Bonaparte and Carnarvon Basins to on shore locations including datacentres and business headquarters.

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Fox Sports / Premier Media Group (PMG)

“At the end of the day, it is a highly flexible and scalable network that has enabled us to set new benchmarks for operational efficiency and production quality which equates to a better end viewer experience for Australia’s premium sports.” Tony Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer, PMG

Our solutions are aligned to key industries within Australia’s enterprise environments:

  • Mining, Resources and Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Defence Industries
  • Media, Entertainment and Gaming
  • Banking, Insurance and Finance