Nextgen Group’s National VPLS is a premium performance, full featured, Layer-2 (Ethernet) Virtual Private Network solution. This provides a full featured Ethernet service either a point to point or fully meshed. This provides a secure, network to interconnect the business site LANs into a single Wide Area Network. 

The service comes with or without a Managed Router Service (MRS)

  • National VPN: a full featured, Layer-2 Ethernet that’s a customer controlled Virtual Private Network solution for Wide Area Network application. A range of access solutions using fibre, copper or microwave provide customers with an optimal mix of price and performance options for site connectivity.
  • Switched Point-to-Point: premium performance, point-to-point service delivered over our protected national MPLS core network.
  • Managed Router Service (MRS): professionally managed and maintained Wide Area Network infrastructure at the customer site, ensuring design, performance and availability are optimised.