Point to Point – nᵘetherlink and nᵘwave


Nextgen’s Point-to-Point services deliver premium performance and low latency site-to-site connectivity, offering extensive interstate and local coverage. Nextgen’s nuwave and nuetherlink, are designed to meet your specific needs, providing support for business-critical and latency-sensitive applications between two locations with speeds up to 100Gb/s. Typical applications include video conferencing, mission-critical data transfer, network storage access and Disaster Recovery.

Features and Benefits

Choice of Service Grade

Two grades of Point-to-Point services are available.

  • Nextgen nuwave is delivered over our DWDM network, which provides dedicated bandwidth for uncompromised quality.
  • Nextgen nuetherlink is delivered via our modern MPLS network, which provides feature-rich and flexible capability along with premium performance.

You get to choose the grade of service that best meets your business needs and your budget.

Flexible and Scalable

Nextgen’s core is dimensioned for exceptional performance. Our protocol transparency supports the widest range of protocols, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred applications. Service multiplexing support on Nextgen nuetherlink drives down costs by allowing you to run multiple services on a single physical interface. Our platform is architected with flexibility in mind, enabling bandwidth upgrades with minimal disruption.

Highly Available and Secure

Our Point-to-Point services are delivered over reliable, self-owned infrastructure, providing dedicated connectivity and high data security. Nextgen’s core network has a fully redundant architecture, designed and built for continuous operation. We offer up to 99.95% availability (depending on the access technology chosen) with customised protection options to support your risk management requirements.

Service Level Agreements

Nextgen Service Level Agreements formalise Nextgen’s commitment to deliver services that are considered a benchmark for excellence. Backed by commercial guarantees, your business can depend on Nextgen.

24×7 Technical Support

The Service Management Centre at Nextgen provides ongoing end-to-end monitoring around the clock for our national network, ensuring optimal service availability. 24×7 technical support provides you the assistance you need, anytime you need it.

Service Options


Service rates are available up to 100Gb/s, delivered on a range of Ethernet port options up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet (depending on the service chosen), allowing you to scale upstream connectivity as your business grows.

Coverage and access technologies

Nextgen‘s fibre coverage and wide range of quality third-party access options means we can deliver your P2P service where you need it, using the access technology that best suits your business needs.

Service Type

The following service types are available on Nextgen’s Point-to-Point services:

  • Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel
  • SDH