Nextgen nᵘweb


Nextgen’s internet products deliver high quality carrier grade internet access engineered on a high-availability MPLS core, with multiple interconnects to global Tier-1 carriers, local carriers, peering exchanges and key content sources. Whether you need dedicated internet access for a single corporation, or wholesale internet transit to support your customers, nuweb provides the optimum platform.

Features and Benefits

Premium Performance

Our internet services are managed as a premium quality product and designed to deliver performance characterised by targeting packet loss to be less than 0.3% and availability greater than 99.95%[1]. nuweb provides full protection for domestic and International traffic, and minimizes latency through the use of multiple local and international upstream provider links.

Flexible IP Addressing

Nextgen’s internet services include a /31 or /30 IPv4 Address, and support routing of your own IP Addresses (minimum /24 required for routing), or you can optionally request additional IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses from Nextgen [2].

Routing and Core Redundancy

Nextgen’s internet services include a choice of static or BGP routing and are delivered over a fully redundant core network, designed and built for continuous operation and dimensioned to provide exceptional performance.


With options such as nuweb Shadow and Internet DDoS Protection, nuweb can also provide service continuity in the event of a primary link failure or denial of service attack, to help you avoid disruptions to your web based business systems.

More analysis and visibility

Secure access to Nextgen’s Fusion portal gives you in depth analysis at your fingertips, such as service performance and traffic utilisation, so you can understand how your network is performing.

Service Multiplexing

Run multiple services on a single physical interface, reducing cost and enabling delivery of additional point-to-point, WAN or cloud services.

24×7 Technical Support

The Service Management Centre at Nextgen provides ongoing end-to-end monitoring around the clock for our national network, ensuring optimal service availability. 24×7 technical support provides you the assistance you need, anytime you need it.

Service Options


Service rates are available from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s, delivered on Fast, Gigabit or 10Gigabit Ethernet port, allowing you to scale upstream connectivity as your business grows.

Coverage and access technologies:

Nextgen‘s fibre coverage and wide range of third-party access options means we can deliver your internet service where you need it, using the access technology that best suits your business needs and budget.

IP Addressing:

  • Nextgen provided /31 or /30 IP Address Range
  • Your own IP Addresses (min /24 IPv4 or /32 IPv6 subnet required for internet routing)
  • Optional requests for additional IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses[2]

BGP Routing and Connection:

  • Static or BGP routing.
  • Multiple connections, delivered via a service multiplexed interconnect, to diverse locations or via redundant links to specific sites.


  • Unlimited, regardless of direction or time of day for customers who require certainty in their monthly expenses, with a Primary/Shadow option for cost effective protection.
  • Tailored, for customers who may need more upload bandwidth


  • Shadow, an always on, backup internet connection providing service continuity in the event of failure or interruption of your primary nuweb service.
  • Internet DDoS Protection, comprises both detection of denial of service attacks against your internet service, and protection from the effects of these attacks.

[1] Availability may vary with other access types. Refer to Nextgen’s SLA tables for specific access type availability

[2] IPv4 address requests will be processed according to APNIC IPv4 address conservation policies and may incur a charge.