Nextgen nᵘetherwan


Nextgen’s nuetherwan is an enterprise-grade, VPLS-based Ethernet WAN service that that gives you complete control over your network, enabling you to easily and securely connect your corporate sites.

Using Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) as the underlying technology, Nextgen’s network delivers an enterprise grade Quality of Service (QoS) and high network availability.

You can enjoy access to our reliable, secure and scalable national network, which is utilised by the most reputable managed service providers who trust Nextgen’s network to underpin their service offerings.

Features and Benefits

Flexible and Scalable

Nextgen operates one of the largest inter-capital network backbones in Australia dimensioned for exceptional performance. Our protocol transparency supports the widest range of protocols, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred applications. Nextgen nuetherwan is deployed on a platform architected with flexibility in mind, enabling site additions and bandwidth upgrades with minimal disruption.

Full Network Control

With Nextgen nuetherwan you can deploy and control any network equipment you choose and transparently connect it across your VPLS service. You are free to dynamically configure your network without having to coordinate with us, saving you time and money.

Service Multiplexing

Run multiple services on a single physical interface, reducing cost and enabling delivery of additional point-to-point, cloud or internet services.

More Visibility

Nextgen’s Fusion portal provides a window into you how your network is performing. Visibility over critical parameters such as service performance and traffic utilisation gives you the insights to optimise workloads and resolve any issues.

Seven Classes of QoS

With Nextgen’s industry leading QoS feature, multiple applications can be run concurrently over a single link, with those requiring guaranteed throughput or low latency prioritised accordingly.

Flexible high-speed access options

With Nextgen’s fibre coverage and wide range of third-party access options, you can choose the access technology and speed to best suit your business needs and budget.

Service Level Agreements

Nextgen Service Level Agreements formalise Nextgen’s commitment to deliver services that are considered a benchmark for excellence. Backed by commercial guarantees, your business can depend on Nextgen.

24×7 Technical Support

The Service Management Centre at Nextgen provides ongoing end-to-end monitoring around the clock for our national network, ensuring optimal service availability. 24×7 technical support provides you the assistance you need, anytime you need it.

Service Options


Service rates are available up to 30Gb/s, delivered on a range of Ethernet port options up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet, allowing you to scale upstream connectivity as your business grows.

Coverage and access technologies

Nextgen‘s fibre coverage and wide range of quality third-party access options means we can deliver your WAN service where you need it, using the access technology that best suits your business needs.


A choice of one, four or our industry leading seven QoS Classes.