Nextgen Cloud Exchange

Are you looking for a secure reliable and economical way to access Amazon Web Services?


Nextgen Cloud Exchange integrates private networking with cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Nextgen Cloud Exchange includes access to AWS Direct Connect, which enables you to privately connect your existing infrastructure to AWS and puts the cloud into your WAN. This offers your business:

Secure Connection: connectivity is provided across a private network, instead of connecting via the internet.

Improved Performance: when compared to the internet where latency can be affected by numerous factors beyond the control of your network provider.

Added Savings: with rates that are cheaper than standard internet connections.

Features and Benefits

Why move when you can transform?

Nextgen Cloud Exchange eliminates costs associated with having to maintain a rack and cross connects at the data centre which hosts the AWS Gateway. Nextgen Cloud Exchange helps you reach your AWS resource privately using our national network footprint which is designed to give your business a distinct edge.

Secure Connection

Nextgen Cloud Exchange provides connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) over a secure, private network.

Improved Performance

Achieve a more stable, consistent network experience


Bandwidth options to suit your business objectives ranging from 50 Mbps through to 10 Gbps

Added Savings

Reduces the overall network costs associated with AWS

Service Options

How do you benefit from our capability?

One Service

Fully managed connectivity from your premises to your Amazon Web Services resources

One Simple Interface

A portal designed to give you control. Order connectivity, access performance reporting, support and track usage to plan for your changing bandwidth needs

One Network

A carrier-grade national network spanning over 19,000 kms which delivers mission critical services for our customers

One Location

There’s no need for you to move your hardware to the AWS gateway, we’ll bring AWS to you.