Nextgen Network products.

Point-to-Point SDH

Our Point-to-Point SDH services are premium performance, low latency, carrier grade SDH transmission services with interstate and local coverage.

Point-to-Point Ethernet

Nextgen Group’s ‘Point-to-Point Ethernet’ services offer premium performance Ethernet links with interstate and local coverage, suitable for carrier and corporate requirements.

Nextgen Cloud Exchange

Are you looking for a secure reliable and economical way to access Amazon Web Services?

National VPN

Nextgen offers customers the choice between IP VPN with access to an enhanced customer portal for simplified network control or a customer managed VPLS network.

Managed Router Service

Nextgen Group’s Managed Router Service (MRS) provides professionally managed and maintained WAN infrastructure at the customer site. Your company is free to focus on core business with the knowledge that your network design, performance and availability are optimised.

Data Centre Connect (DCC)

Nextgen Group’s Data Centre Connect provides high capacity, transmission grade connections between selected intra-city data centres at competitive prices.

Wholesale Transit Internet

Nextgen Group’s ‘Wholesale Internet Transit’ is a carrier grade, bundled international and domestic Internet service for Australian Internet Service Providers.

Internet Shadow Service

Nextgen Group’s Internet Shadow Service provides a backup internet connection for service continuity in the event of failure or interruption in the primary link.

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