Nextgen Horizons

  • How to get operations and delivery right

    Digital channels have revolutionised the way we deal with customers and the value and importance of great customer service. We can now talk to our customers using multiple online channels that provide synchronous and continuous communications.

  • What do Data Centre tiers mean for business?

    Regardless of what flavour of computer server, data storage or management you choose – private cloud, public cloud, co-location, managed hosting – it all requires specialist skills, specialist knowledge, and dedicated facilities and management.

  • What are the drivers for change and can you afford to ignore them?

    In these days of digital disruption, most businesses recognise the importance of change when it comes to staying competitive. Staying abreast of developments in technology and new business applications can be a daunting task – and yet, that is exactly what your customers expect.

  • Data Centre Outsourcing – a Buyer’s Guide

    The inside guide to deciding whether to outsource your data centre facility and operations and how to select an appropriate partner.