Nextgen Fusion

The Nextgen Fusion program centralises all your regular day-to-day interactions with Nextgen online for a more-informed, streamlined and self-serve experience.

There are two variants of Nextgen Fusion from which to choose. Business or enterprise customers, for example, might want to use the in-house designed Nextgen Fusion Portal, created with simple navigation so it can be easily introduced into your organisation.

Customers with more services and a larger volume of daily interactions with Nextgen might choose Nextgen Fusion API for operational efficiencies, allowing them to directly integrate their systems with the Nextgen Network.


Nextgen Fusion Secure Customer Portal

Nextgen Fusion is our customer portal that gives you quick and convenient access to essential information about your services wherever you are.

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Nextgen Fusion API

With Nextgen Fusion API, you can improve your operational processes and manage your own service requirements in real time by integrating your systems with the Nextgen Network through a programmable interface.

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