Case Study – Seccom Global

Seccom Global Partners with Nextgen Group

Seccom Global

Seccom Global was founded in 2003 by current owners, Michael Demery and Michael Shine. As one of Australia’s fastest growing information security providers, Seccom Global is recognised as a market leader in managed security services and wireless solutions. In addition to Seccom’s long list of successful projects, Seccom has rolled out secure public wireless solutions to Randwick, Rose Hill and Hawkesbury Racecourses, as well as the Sydney Opera House.

“The key reason that we partner with Nextgen Group is the quality of their products. To be competitive and offer the solutions that we do, we must have high quality and extremely reliable connectivity.”

Seccom Global Requirements

“Seccom uses multiple connectivity technologies across their network to deliver quality services nationally and globally to their clients. Security is paramount.”

Reliability is crucial to Seccom’s success. Todays internet based economy demands 24 x 7 operations. Their customers do not accept any outages or downtime. All Seccom Global solutions are proactively monitored with customers having direct access to highly skilled security engineers 24 x 7. They required a business partner to work closely alongside to share technical expertise.

Why Nextgen

“Partnering with Nextgen Group has enabled us to provide more of a complete solution. In the past, we would only provide a managed firewall solution, now we can provide a vast array of services including connectivity, security and virtualisation.” “This has given us a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Michael Demery Director Seccom Global

Partnering with the Nextgen Group

“The space we operate in is becoming increasingly competitive which means we have to continually develop our product offering to stay ahead of the competition. Partnering with an organisation like Nextgen Group enables us to do this. Another key reason is Nextgen Group are a carrier that is willing to work with you, this means always having access to the right people and expertise.”

“Nextgen Group are proactively engaged in many of our projects. We value their input and expertise. A strong partnership with our business partners enables us to continually deliver innovative commercially viable solutions. We are confident that we can partner with Nextgen Group well into the future where they can continue to assist us to capitalise on business opportunities and help us expand our business.”

Michael Demery Director Seccom Global

“Even though Nextgen Group is a large business, they have maintained the values and customer service often missing in companies of their size. Their level of support and their commitment to providing value is second to none.”

The Nextgen Group Solution

Nextgen Group provides a range of reliable infrastructure service options to our customers, including wide area networking, point to point transmission, internet connectivity, data centre colocation and cloud services. These services have the reliability, coverage and features to enable our IT service provider customers, such as Seccom Global, to confidently provide disaster recovery, hosting and virtualisation solutions to their end customers.

IT service providers can depend on the carrier grade nature of the Nextgen Network, which provides a default core network availability measure of 99.95% along with the reliability and efficiency inherent in our Tier Three data centres to run their own businesses. All Nextgen customers have 24 x 7 access to highly trained engineers in Nextgen’s state of the art Service Management Centre.

Moving Forward

“Demands from our customers are continually evolving, often they require more services delivered with better quality, and done at a more competitive price. In return, we ask more of our business partners.”

“Because of the quality, Nextgen Group’s Melbourne and Sydney Data Centres will play a large role in how Seccom Global delivers solutions moving forward.”

Michael Demery Director Seccom Global

“Technically, Nextgen Group adds enormous value to our business, particularly when it comes to working with our team to develop solutions for challenging requirements.”

Michael Demery Director Seccom Global

About Seccom Global

The company operates in the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) space and has invested heavily in up-to-date and comprehensive systems to enable delivery of management and support services.

Seccom Global offers professional and managed services and technologies to help businesses and government gain greater visibility and control of their Internet business risk. The

company provides Managed Internet Services that concentrate on secure hosting, edge network security, connectivity and disaster recovery, collaborating with their customers to align their information security connectivity requirements to their individual business needs.