Case Study – Roy Hill

High-Speed Data Services

Roy Hill is an iron ore mining project located in the Pilbara region in Western Australia. With mining operations already underway, exports are due to start in late 2015. Roy Hill will be one of the largest mining, rail and port projects in Australia, producing 55m tonnes per annum (mtpa) of premium quality iron ore for export to international markets.


“Sometimes the deliverables changed and each time Nextgen were very flexible, agile and accommodated all our requests”

Ron Conley, IT Projects, Roy Hill

Business Challenge

With the business moving closer to its scheduled date for the first ore on ship (FOOS), it was vital to Roy Hill to ensure that all work sites, including the mine, port, rail and Perth sites, had high-speed, reliable network connectivity with in-built redundancy. Ron Conley from Roy Hill explains, “Roy Hill is very heavily focused on automation and that requires a large bandwidth network.”

To achieve that, the business identified a need for connectivity between its Remote Operations Centre (ROC) in Perth and the
Port Hedland landside administration building. The new high-speed data service would provide the required redundancy through diverse paths between all three sites to ensure zero down-time and business continuity.

The Solution

Nextgen provided a high-speed data solution architected for 2Gbs but scalable to support the future growth of the mining operations. The service was scheduled for delivery in May 2015 and despite changes to the deliverables during the implementation process, the Nextgen team delivered the solution early in February, 2015. Roy Hill is also now able to enjoy sustained high-speed network access for this key operational project with strong support for future business growth.

This strategic need is well supported by Nextgen’s North West Cable System (NWCS) project. “One of the key attractions of Nextgen was the NWCS, highlighting their commitment and ongoing investment in this region. This service will provide us with both carrier redundancy and physical path redundancy between Port Hedland and Perth” stated Roy Conley.

The Outcome

The rapid implementation enabled Roy Hill to mobilise operations staff earlier than expected. As a result, staff moved onsite ahead of schedule which freed up valuable resources and enabled the execution of a carefully planned deployment approach. As a result, mining operations could commence earlier, leading to improved overall productivity, a reduction in project risk and the delivery of detailed project tracking.