Case Study – Defense BAE

Nextgen Group enables BAE’s service level processes and security

Another key defence sector player that has moved a number of its core sites to Nextgen Group’s national and regional infrastructure is BAE Systems Australia which employs over 6500 employees nationally and supports personnel at approximately 60 sites.

“The beauty of this service from Nextgen Group is that we can put our own service management processes in place to ensure we meet our pre- determined service level and security objectives.”

Mathew Greig, IS Procurement Manager, BAE Systems

As a significant technology partner to the Commonwealth in a range of DSTO projects, including the Department of Defence’s Over the Horizon Radar initiative, BAE Systems has core sites nationally as well as deployment and support teams at multiple military and research installations across the nation.

According to Mathew Greig, IS Procurement Manager for BAE Systems, Nextgen Group was initially engaged for core sites in South Australia and Victoria. “Our architecture was changing requiring larger bandwidth not available at a cost baeeffective price from existing telcos, we looked at the Nextgen Group solution because they could offer dark fibre services,” Greig explains.

The extra bandwidth that is available will enable IP services that were not cost effective under previous models, examples of these are high definition video conferencing, inter and intra state VOIP and the ability of employees to access the network when mobile.

Greig said that bandwidth and reliability through redundancy are the key features BAE Systems were looking for in its procurement of high speed data links.

“We went to tender with a scope of what we required and Nextgen Group was able to best meet our requirements. They showed a willingness to be flexible and to work with us to meet our needs in a way that was not available from some of the other carriers.”

According to Greig, the Nextgen Group service has been extremely reliable since being introduced with no unscheduled outages. In addition, the fact that Nextgen Group already has infrastructure servicing defence sector hubs around the country and many of the metropolitan, regional and remote defence sites around Australia is advantageous for BAE Systems.

“Operationally, what we are getting is a better more reliable service than what we were receiving previously with the capability to grow in line with our business needs.”

According to Greig, Nextgen Group have been extremely responsive to BAE Systems needs and issues. As the direct result of the value and quality of services Nextgen Group is delivering as a communications partner, BAE Systems is looking to expand the relationship.

“Despite the fact they are tier 2 telco, they are flexible, reliable, responsive and will work intimately with the customer to ensure that the outcome works for both parties. I genuinely feel that with Nextgen Group, we are working together for mutual advantage.”