Nextgen and the Australian resources industry


“It would be fair to say that Nextgen played a pivotal role in getting our port operations up and functional, which was extremely important to Roy Hill”

Ron Conley, IT Project Manager, Roy Hill


Connecting for future growth – An Industry in Transformation

Challenged balance sheets, increasing market tension and discounted margins are amongst several challenges currently faced by leading decision makers across the Resources industry.

Accordingly, resource organisations are seeking to be more agile, flexible and aggressive in achieving positive change as a result of business leaders being made more accountable to attain returns on invested capital; investments which are constantly being made across all dimensions of the business.

Many mining, oil and gas companies now face a growing strategic dichotomy: How to balance strict cost management on one hand whilst increasing investment to improve production efficiencies and productivity on the other.

This strategically sensitive landscape identifies with a number of key industry projects seeking to leverage key technologies and services which can deliver the productivity gains and the cost reductions required to sustain competitive advantage.

A growing reliance on ICT and Innovation

Many commercially astute miners are now increasingtheir1 investment to accelerate penetration of automation and real time data analytics. They are striving to advance the discovery of new resource frontiers, enhance remote monitoring and improve efficiency across the supply chain, which enables them to manage costs, make faster decisions and reduce many types of risk at the ‘pit’.

Similarly, a significant number of oil and gas resource organisations are choosing ultra-speed data connectivity to off-shore sites to enable faster, low latency access to systems and applications located in cloud platforms and tier III data centres. Several benefits such as increased control and process automation are driving significant improvements in productivity and effective risk management.

Enabling Transformation for the Resources Industry

The Nextgen Group offer a range of ICT services and infrastructure which deliver unique value to resource companies who are seeking to leverage a range of transformational changes in a difficult environment; changes which allow them to optimise the use of existing assets and achieve faster decision making through big data analytics.

Our organisation has a significant heritage in building critical infrastructure across large scale projects for the resources industry. This includes the construction of world leading generation II data centres and ultra-high speed fibre networks which directly connect remote operations (both offshore and onshore) and industry based applications to critical infrastructure and cloud platforms.

We also leverage our service provider expertise to manage existing or new 3rd party fibre investments. Nextgen managed services utilise market leading processes and systems such as the Remote Fibre Testing System (RFTS) to enable support of customer owned infrastructure for increased network reliability and performance.

This flexibility highlights a customer centric approach to building strategic partnerships which address many of the opportunities presented by technology innovation in addition to commercial trends, such as an upturn in demand for commodity based resources.

Business Partnerships. Strategic Ecosystems.

Nextgen’s ongoing investment in remote and nationally recognised infrastructure projects underpins significant opportunities for the resource industry to partner and discover new ways to reduce costs and improve productivity – from the pits and rigs to Australia’s ports.

By developing highly effective partnerships across supply chains, business leaders can continually implement industry benchmarks for best practice and embrace disruptive ICT ecosystems to unlock innovation and deliver operational efficiencies.

Our business and technology partnerships are providing the following benefits.

  • Industry led solutions for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE):
    Support for enhanced video collaboration and monitoring applications, which are critical in the management of HSE risk in addition to improving the lives of working communities in remote & regional locations across Australia.
  • Proactive productivity gains:
    Improved monitoring of mining assets and reductions in downtime and lost productivity through enabling big data analytics and the implementation of preventative maintenance.
  • Remote management:
    Connecting data from on-site operations into a centrally managed facility at ultra-high speeds rapidly improves the speed of decision making to support key operational and business requirements.
  • Increased reliability, reach and flexibility:
    In delivering secure and protected industry based systems and applications to the operational centres, with minimal service disruptions and/or risk to people, business continuity and facilities.
  • A new way for business:
    Benefits are being realised in the resources sector as a result of disruptive business and infrastructure models being introduced such as cloud; these services embrace agility and flexibility to enable transformation at digital speeds.


North-West Cable System

In September 2016, Nextgen Group completed a project called the North West Cable System (NWCS). The NWCS is part of Nextgen’s nationwide high capacity network and supports the high speed data requirements of many off-shore and remote operating platforms in the Oil and Gas regions of North West Australia.

The cable system seamlessly connects offshore Oil and Gas facilities in the Browse, Bonaparte and Carnarvon Basins to on shore locations including data centres and business headquarters. This is achieved through:

  • 2,000km fibre between landing stations Port Hedland and Darwin
  • Branching cables and riser cables to the Oil and Gas platforms
  • Terrestrial optical fibre connectivity

The Benefits

Australia is a major exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the third largest exporter in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2011 alone, Australia exported 18.9 million tonnes of LNG which was valued at approximately $11.1 billion (

Many resource companies operate in this space and often in remote off-shore locations. The requirements for connectivity are driven by the operational improvements that are now available through the digitisation of every aspect of the platform operations.

The North-West Cable System offers an alternative solution to satellite connectivity with greater speeds and superior reliability, which is especially evident in adverse weather conditions

Additionally the cable system connects the Pilbara region which has 44,000 employees and an export in excess or $47b AUD annually (, making it key for economic growth in Australia.

Oil and Gas

The NWCS is integrated with the Nextgen Group terrestrial network to provide dedicated transmission services to off-shore oil and gas platforms. Services are available in speeds up to 40Gbps wavelengths and customers connected to the NWCS will have access to the full suite of service offerings including National VPN, Point-to-Point Ethernet, Point-to-Point SDH, Data centre Services and Nextgen Cloud Services. The services can be provided back to Perth, Darwin or to the capital cities along the Eastern seaboard.

Applications of the cable include:

  • Remote Operations and Monitoring
  • Emergency Management
  • Live Remote Feed
  • Analysis of Telemetry information
  • On platform worker entertainment