Nextgen Fusion Portal

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Be Connected.

Nextgen Fusion gives you quick and convenient access to monitor your Nextgen services wherever you are.

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Enhanced Security.

Rather than a single login, each user will now have their own access, providing more security for your data and services.

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New Features.

Individual logins and increased security features are just the beginning – over the coming months, we will roll out other functions, such as incident reporting, billing, communications and more.

Information for all Users

How will I log in to Fusion for the first time?

Users of the old Nextgen Portal will log in using their old credentials and receive E-Mailed instructions to set up a new password via a secure URL. Users without access to the old portal should use the Enquiry Form or contact their Nextgen account manager.

What will change when I first log in?

Nextgen Fusion is a redesign of the existing portal so you will continue to have the same functions available to you with a fresh new look and feel.  In addition, Nextgen Fusion brings with it a new user management application available from the Fusion homepage.

Information for Administrators

What does being a Portal Administrator mean for me?

As a Nextgen Fusion Administrator you will be able to add new users from within your organisation as well as restrict user access to certain areas of your portal.

How do I add new users?

The new user management app within Nextgen Fusion is designed with simplicity in mind to minimise the effort in administrating users and permissions. A user guide can be found here

Need more information?

Fusion Portal User Guide