National VPN

Nextgen offers customers the choice between IP VPN with access to an enhanced customer portal for simplified network control or a customer managed VPLS network.


Both Nextgen IP VPN and VPLS solutions are premium grade data services. Nextgen’s implementation of IP VPN and VPLS uses MPLS as the underlying technology to deliver carrier grade Quality of Service (QoS) and network availability. We offer a range of access solutions using fibre, copper or microwave to give customers an optimal mix of price/performance options for customer site connectivity.

With Nextgen VPN, Corporate and Government customers can interconnect multiple sites nationally or with international links and connect their business site Local Area Networks into a single Wide Area Network.
Carrier and Service Provider customers have more capability to add value, more capacity to develop innovative customer solutions and more control of their customer networks than other carrier VPN product offerings.

A multipoint VPN is a data networking service, where the carrier’s data infrastructure is used to provide secure, private connectivity between the customer sites. The architecture is often described as ‘any-to-any’, which has clear benefits compared to the alternative of deploying multiple individual point-to-point data services.

Simplicity of management with a single data service to each site.

Fully meshed network core for carrier grade availability and performance.

Empowerment of customers to make their own moves, adds, changes and deletes.

Cost effective network architecture compared to deploying individual point to-point services.

Nextgen Group’s National VPN

Nextgen IP VPN is a carrier-grade IP-based Virtual Private Network that enables you to easily and securely connect your corporate sites, with the added advantage of an enhanced customer portal that provides you with visibility and control over your network.

  • Ability to self-diagnose network problems and manage the layer 3 attributes of your existing services using the enhanced customer portal
  • Nextgen manages the routing complexity so you can focus on other business needs
  • Ability to support more than 50 sites with scalability to support future business growth
  • Add a new site with no configuration changes required on your other routers reducing deployment cost and effort
  • Relies on a static route only, allowing you to choose a low cost router which has less CPU power and memory.

Nextgen Group’s National VPLS is a premium performance, Ethernet (Layer 2), customer controlled and flexible data service for connecting the multiple sites of Australian corporations.

  • Full control of your network
  • Ease of change management for moves, adds and changes
  • Layer 3 Protocol Transparency for support of the widest range of IT applications
  • Customer devices can be Router or Switch
  • Appeals to customers that have the technical capability and appetite to manage their own network.