Data Centre Connect (DCC)

Nextgen Group’s Data Centre Connect provides high capacity, transmission grade connections between selected intra-city data centres at competitive prices.


Our Data Centre Connect (DCC) service is ideal for our customers requiring connectivity for data replication for business continuity and DR applications, corporate LAN, server load balancing and virtual computing.  With the benefit of expert end-to-end managed service, we offer high capacity, transmission grade connections between selected intra-city data centres delivered over Nextgen Group’s extensive fibre network.

We offer:

  • Dedicated transmission wavelengths for uncompromising performance
  • Customisable protection options to support unique risk management requirements
  • Data rates from 1 gigabit/s to multiples of 10 gigabit/s with support for future 40 gigabit/s and 100 gigabit/s service

Performance to meet business requirements

Data Centre Connect services are delivered over dedicated transmission wavelengths for uncompromising performance. Data Centre Connect services are designed to provide minimum latency, latency variation, and frame loss – features critical for the high performance data replication that today’s real-time business continuity plans demand.

Protection options

Nextgen Group offers customised protection options to support your risk management requirements. Data Centre Connect services are unprotected by default. Nextgen Group can optionally tailor solutions to include both geographic fibre path and equipment diversity.

Flexible bandwidth options

Data Centre Connect is positioned to meet your current and future bandwidth requirements. Data rates range from 1Gbit/s to multiples of 10Gbit/s, with support for future 40Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s services.

24 x 7 Service Management Centre

Data Centre Connect is an end-to-end managed service delivered over Nextgen Group’s fibre network. Nextgen Group’s Service Management Centre monitors Data Centre Connect around the clock. Our field technicians are on-call to fix faults any time of the day or night.

Target applications

Data Centre Connect is suitable for a wide range of disaster recovery and high speed connectivity applications:

  • Distributed Computing
  • Hosted Storage Access
  • Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
  • Synchronous Data Replication
  • Asynchronous Data Replication
  • Redundant Router Backchannel
  • Server Load-Balancing
  • Transaction Based Solutions

Suitable for

  • Corporate and Government
  • Carriers and Service Providers

Service types

  • Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel
  • SDH

Service speeds

  • 1Gbit/s to multiple 10Gbit/s

Service management

  • Active Alarm Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Field Support