Data Centre Colocation

Nextgen Group owns and operates co-location facilities which are designed to the most stringent industry standards for environment and risk management performance.


Nextgen Group’s Colocation service provides carrier grade co-location facilities such as racks, secure cages or private suite areas for service providers, corporations and government customers.


Secure racks with up to 3kW power capacity:
• Dimensions: 600(w) x 900(d) x 2200(h) mm (45RU)
• Locked doors on all racks
• Front and rear rack access

Caged spaces

  • Secure, lockable, caged spaces are available for customers who require additional security.
  • Spaces can be tailored to customer requirements within overall power and air conditioning limits.

Private suites

Private suites with power, air conditioning, security, and fire services that are engineered to customer requirements.



All Nextgen Group co-location buildings are positioned in areas that meet the special requirements of high quality data centre facilities.

External security

Co-location facilities are low rise buildings of nondescript appearance, with secure hardened exterior windows at ground level.

Location security

The facilities are conveniently located in inner metro areas and are positioned above the designated 100 year flood plain.

Access security

All entry points are controlled by swipe card and monitored 24/7 by CCTV


Service-critical plant is designed with redundancy for assured continuity of operation.

Rack power

All racks are supported by dual plane uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with battery reserve. The mains power is backed up by N+1 (i.e the number required to support the essential load plus one) emergency generators with at least 24 hours of on-site fuel. Automatic transfer switches are a rack option to provide dual power source protection for customers who install single cord equipment in their racks.

Cooling redundancy

Chilled water is distributed from N+1 chillers via a multiple valve ring mains. Redundant computer room cooling units are installed in co-lo rooms to ensure stable environmental conditions.

Fire services

Fire suppression systems include smoke detectors and dry pipe sprinklers