Cloud Data Protection Services

The importance of data protection is growing with businesses facing the challenge of having to continuously improve data backup and recovery methods.


Nextgen Group Data Protection Services delivers simple, automated and secure data protection at the file, system and application level. With this service in place, businesses are safeguarded against the loss of any crucial data with customised solutions provided on all hosted and managed servers.

Our data protection services offer you control when accessing your data within the retention periods that are in line with your backup requirements. The length of retention can be tailored to suit your business policies whether it is for a few months or a number of years. With offsite data retention also provided, your business gains an added level of security.

Premium Protection

• RTO/RPO*: 24 hours (for primary data centre)
• Daily backup for 32 days plus 11 monthly backups
• Offsite data replication
• Option to extended retention period with annual data sets

Standard Protection

• RPO/RTO*: 24 hours
• Daily backup for 32 days plus 11 monthly backups
• Option to extend retention period with annual data sets

On-demand Protection

• RPO*: Flexible
• RTO*: Less than 8 hours
• Daily backup for 32 days
• Consistent file and application backup
*RPO – period of which daily recovery is available.
*RTO – targeted time to restore data after a disruption (depending on restore volume size)

Enhanced Operational Recovery

• RTO*: 1 hour
• RPO*: near zero
• Fast recovery for mission critical applications
• Available as a standalone service or can be combined with protection offerings to maximize security allowing near zero point in time recovery

Nextgen Group implements VADP – the next generation of VMware’s data protection framework, which allows achievable scalable backup through the use of incremental or Changed Block Tracking backups. VADP increases the speed of backup and recovery through the use of incremental or changed block tracking which reduces the backup and restoration time.

Nextgen Group leverages industry leading backup technologies, which is a complete software and hardware solution delivering an optimal level of efficiency and speed. Unlike traditional backup software, global de-duping technologies eliminates previously protected data at the client before it is transferred across the network, resulting in backups being completed within the backup windows due to the decreased amount of data being transferred.

Granular access to backed up datasets 

The Standard and Premium Protection options provide you with the ability to access data from the last 32 daily backups or last 11 monthly backups.

Quick Recovery Time

Nextgen Group is able to restore your desired data with speed ensuring that your business is able to continue running smoothly with minimal interruptions. Data is able to be recovered in one step without having to restore the last full or incremental backup.

Offsite Data Replication

As an extra step of security and continuity, backup stes are replicated to a remote site for increased protection under the Premium Protection service.

Reduced Backup Window

Through data deduplication your backup window is significantly reduced due to a smaller amount of data requiring backup.

Data Integrity Design

End-to-end verification, continuous fault detection and self-healing processes ensure backups are free of errors and are not corrupted.

24/7 Management

24/7 management of the backup operations gives you peace of mind that you are receiving continuous service after hours.

Financial Flexibility

The monthly fee is based on Gigabytes of protected data, enabling you to align costs with your business demands and avoid large capital expenditures.

Grid architecture

Nextgen Group’s capacity management process ensures that the backup capacity can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet an organisations changing needs due to our linear performance based architecture.