Compute & Storage

Change the way you manage your business by utilising the cloud. As a leading Australian provider of facilities, network and cloud infrastructure, Nextgen Group offers a full range of infrastructure hosting and connectivity services to established and emerging enterprises.


Infrastructure as a Service

Nextgen Group supports every phase of your cloud initiative, providing around the clock support and guidance with a single point of accountability. Our infrastructure services are based on robust, standard products with guaranteed service levels, ensuring predictable processing capability when critical workloads arise.

With our cloud solution your valuable IT staff are freed from repetitive and time consuming maintenance tasks, allowing them to focus on core business initiatives. To protect your data Nextgen Group employs the latest multi-layered security technology together with management practices certified to Information Security standard ISO27001. As an Australian company your data is stored in our fully owned and replicated data centres and protected by Australian law.

Cloud Storage

Our storage management solutions can reduce customer’s costs and complexity. Our platform includes premium, standard and archive options on shared and dedicated infrastructure, with built-in security and role-based administrative access control. Customers can manage server storage volumes remotely to quickly align capacity to business needs while optimising costs. We provide services around replicated storage and optimal storage performance and resiliency.

Cloud Compute

Our extensive experience and robust management systems enable us to deliver day-to-day IT tasks, which include provisioning, monitoring and management. Our cloud compute platform is backed by comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs).

We offer a choice of hosted or managed server options:

• Hosted: retain control of the operating system installation and patching.
• Managed: we support and manage the operating system day-to-day while customers retain control of the applications.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of our reliable infrastructure and 99.99% availability targets whilst controlling and deploying resources in a fraction of the time it takes with a typical in-house solution.

Services are provided in four scalable resource pools; premium, premium dedicated, standard and basic

Cloud Compute Services are provided in three scalable resource pools:

  • Premium Pool:

    scalable and virtual compute platform based on 100% reservation of the allocated compute resources, suited for resource intensive applications.

  • Premium Dedicated Resource Pool:

    provides avirtual cloud compute platform on dedicated physical hosts, designed for situations where software liscencing, security or corporate policy requires physical infrastructure seperation.

  • Standard Pool:

    suitable for mid-tier applications providing reserved resources and storage services for additional capacity if required.

  • Basic Pool:

    elastic ‘Pay As You Go’ platform for quick start and transient workloads.


Nextgen Group Cloud Compute services deliver:

Efficiency and automation

• Elastic resource pools that are easily scalable for demand capacity.
• Provisioning time decreased from months to minutes.
• Ensured portability where data and applications can be moved between data centres.
• Faster time to market with shorter project cycles.

Agility and availability

• Enterprise-grade infrastructure with resilience, availability and service level targets.
• Guaranteed reservations to support application performance.
• Predictable performance based on appropriate allocation of resources to workloads.

One complete solution

• Smooth transition to our cloud through a solution design backed by rigorous planning, extensive experience and knowledge.
• IT expertise and support on demand with a 24/7 service calendar.
• Differentiated classes of service to align with business requirements and budget.