Nextgen has taken another giant leap forward announcing the introduction of coast to coast (east-west) 100Gb/s wavelength capacity, with support for 10 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet services.

The first commercial network in Australia to launch the service, Nextgen began working on the project eighteen months ago when 100Gb/s technology started becoming available.

Nextgen Networks MD David Yuile said Nextgen made the decision to build the service to support the exponential growth in cloud computing and next generation data centres for high density IT environments.

“As the need for big data increases, the demand for bandwidth grows and our unique 100Gb service capability means Nextgen is well positioned to provide for our customers’ future requirements. Nextgen has a track record of innovation and our coast to coast Ethernet service is another demonstration of our ability to offer our customers leading-edge services.”

“We are very proud to have not only developed one of the longest 100Gb data systems in the world but we have also built in some of the most remote locations in Australia,” he said.

Mr Yuile said the latest upgrade, when combined with Nextgen’s Sydney to Adelaide path, ensured latency from Sydney to Perth was best-in-class, drastically improving the performance of business applications, data communications and management of critical information.

Completion of the 100Gb coast to coast services is a key part of the Nextgen vision for providing market leading, ultra-high capacity services between Australia’s major cities with the ability to connect to other inter-capital and metro networks.