Metronode with the New South Wales Government, have won important recognition for the development of its Sydney 2 and Illawarra 1 data centres, claiming the prestigious Uptime Institute Brill Awards for Efficient IT.

The Sydney 2 and Illawarra 1 data centres are among only 15 in the world recognised for exceptional efficiency in IT operations, across capital deployment, technology, design, operations and overall management.

The two data centres which opened last year have been recognised for their new and innovative design which has also contributed to securing significant Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) advantages and significantly lower power bills for tenants.

The Brill Award comes as Metronode pursues even higher standards of environmental efficiency through the design and construction of its data centres.

The company has announced it will now commence measurements for the NABERS rating. of its state-of-the-art Australian data centres which are designed to achieve a NABERS 5-star rating.

Metronode has built four next generation data centres based on BladeRoomTM technology, with plans for a fifth data centre in Canberra now well advanced. The design and construction of these data centres have set industry benchmarks in leading green technology, serving as a platform to ensure all five can achieve a NABERS 5-star rating by March 2015.

Metronode General Manager, Malcolm Roe, said the company aspired to deliver facilities that were environmentally and economically sustainable with the highest levels of reliability.
“We have designed our data centres to meet a 5-star rating and now it’s time to measure our facilities against reputable industry standards. We believe the findings are an excellent reflection on this important aspect of our business,” Mr Roe said.

“There are other data centres in Australia that hold a 4.5 star rating, but half a star represents a marked difference in performance for our customers.

“Achieving a 5-star rating could represent as much as 30 per cent in energy savings over a 4.5-star rating.”

The Silverwater and Unanderra data centres already adhere to the Uptime Institute’s Tier III standard for its world-class reliability.

Metronode will first begin assessment of its data centres in Melbourne, with official results to be released in March 2015.

About the Uptime Institute Brill Awards for Efficient IT
In the judgment of more than 90 industry professionals who evaluated project submissions from leading enterprises around the world, these projects best exhibited efficiency in data centre and IT operations. The Brill Awards program seeks to showcase companies and technologies that improve the industry’s ability to sustainably deliver IT services to the end user. Uptime Institute granted 15 regional Brill Awards, as well as three Global Leadership Awards. The Global Leadership Awards recognise companies whose projects crossed multiple disciplines and/or regions to demonstrate a holistic global commitment to IT Efficiency.