Nextgen Group has extended its high-speed optical fibre network to the HP Aurora data centre in Eastern Creek, Sydney, providing connectivity to a total of 75 data centres across the country.

Gartner estimates there are around 100 data centres in Australia classed as large and enterprise centres – defined as having 250 racks of equipment or are at least 5,000 square feet). With access to 75 of these data centres, Nextgen’s high-speed optical fibre footprint now extends to three quarters of the network.

All 75 data centres are connected by fibre to the network, with services including switched Ethernet of up to 10Gbps and wavelength transmission services up to 100Gbs (depending on location).

Nextgen Group CTO, Phil Martell described data centres as the heart of the digital economy, with growing numbers of businesses using them to achieve higher levels of reliability and energy efficiency for critical IT infrastructure.

“Nextgen Group is in a unique position to understand this market. Not only do we operate across one of Australia’s largest fibre networks, spanning more than 16,000 km, we also operate nine of our own carrier-nautral data centres through our subsidiary Metronode, which is launching a new facility in Perth.

The key driver for Australian business is to ensure there is reliable and secure high-speed connectivity to an ecosystem of partners, whether that be software as a service, infrastructure as a service or remote storage and backup.

Nextgen’s ecosystem allows businesses to invest in 75 data centres, future-proofing their investment with a connected data centre and allowing them to connect with partners they want and speeds they need,” said Mr Martell.

Last December, Nextgen Networks successfully demonstrated a 400 Gbit/s trial between Sydney and Canberra – the fastest data transmission on a live network ever delivered in Australia.

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